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ENHANCE – Do it right with the All-Around Additive

ENHANCE optimises the processability of polyolefins. Because even in the smallest quantities, the all-around additive reduces melt viscosity, lowers melt pressure and reduces cycle times – without impacting properties. The polyolefin booster can be used equally well in injection moulding and extrusion and is also suitable for compounding. In addition, it is certified for use in the food sector.


ENHANCE – Made for Polyolefins:

  • ● Non-polar
  • ● Highly christalline
  • ● Linear hydrocarbon
  • ● Narrow molecular weight
  • ● Polyolefin soluble


ENHANCE your Scope – with the unique Benefits of ENHANCE

  • ● Food compliant
  • ● Easy to process
  • ● Zero quality compromise
  • ● Higher flexibility
  • ● Recycling and Prime


ENHANCE – The Energy Safer

ENHANCE saves time and expensive energy because the additive improves the processing properties of polyolefins.


Boost your Polyolefin – with the unimagined possibilities of ENHANCE:

  • ● Energy safer
  • ● Viscosity modifier
  • ● Process optimiser
  • ● Cycle time reducer
  • ● Property keeper


Find out how ENHANCE can improve your Polyolefin-processes.
Simply send an e-mail with the subject „ENHANCE” and your contact details to


ENHANCE from Sasol

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