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A high viscosity, unfilled polyacetal (POM) homopolymer, KEPITAL H100 is made using stateof-the-art, patented technology. KEPITAL H100 is setting new standards within the polyacetal family. With the development of KEPITAL H100, a highly viscous homopolymer type, we have introduced a homopolymer with enhanced features based on state of the art process technology. Its excellent processability and good mechanical properties opens up entirely new options for our customers to manufacture sophisticated technical components out of KEPITAL. KEPITAL H100 is a highly crystalline engineering plastic with excellent mechanical properties under load. It can be used for various applications including gears, automotive door systems, bushings, housings, rollers and conveyor belts. In particular, KEPITAL H100 is superior in mechanical strength, stiffness, creep resistance and impact resistance compared with polyacetal copolymer, allowing for thinner and lighter part design, shorter molding cycles and the potential for cost reductions.

• High viscosity and unfilled polyacetal homopolymer
• High mechanical strength and stiffness without the need for filler reinforcements, or modifications
• Toughness, high impact strength, and high elongation without the need for impact modifiers
• Wider processing window for excellent injection molding
• Excellent resistance to moisture, gasoline, solvents and various other neutral chemicals
• Excellent dimensional stability
• Excellent self-lubricating

General properties
The general properties of KEPITAL H100 are shown in Table 1. The polyacetal homopolymer, KEPITAL H100, has excellent mechanical properties compared to polyacetal copolymer.